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Oz Digital Group are a Strategically Led and ROI Focused SEO Agency in Melbourne providing integrated Digital Marketing Services. We’re passionate about providing measurable and effective solutions for our clients. Read More

Our Approach to Organic SEO is to start with an understanding of your business, industry and your target audience. Our team then carries our competitor research, keyword research and outlines opportunities for your online business. The next step is Optimising your website during which stage we conduct an indepth manual technical SEO audit to highlight and fix any inherent issues. We then focus on developing your website content and overall authority in the SERP’s to improve its online visibility and as importantly, its CTR (Click Through Rate).

As the campaign expands, so will traffic to your website and inturn, conversions and leads driving growth as a result. Furthermore, unlike other forms of paid advertising like PPC the results while they might take time, once you start ranking, all that traffic is absolutely free.

All that free traffic from organic SEO is what ensures that you benefit from the highest ROI, like dozens of our clients across Australia.

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Popular SEO Services Melbourne

Tailor-Made SEO Campaigns

Every website is slightly different, every industry sector is unique, which is why we approach every project with a hand-crafted personal touch. Speak to our SEO Experts for a tailor-made Digital Marketing & SEO Strategy that will deliver tangible results.

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Website Development UX

Like the look of this website? We’re not just talented digital marketers, we also build great looking websites that are fully SEO & conversion rate optimised during the development process so they rank well. Our easy to UX CMS makes updating the site a breeze.

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Our Step By Step Winning Formula

Why Choose Oz Digital Group?

As one of the leading SEO agencies Melbourne, we know that many small business owners do their own SEO, or at least they attempt to. Since they are relatively new to search optimisation their efforts often stagnate, which leads to frustration. Or, they may have hired a company with mediocre results. After all, if you’ve tried everything and still not ranking what could be going wrong? Read More

Well, there could be a multitude of things that’s wrong with your SEO. Our SEO Agency Melbourne attempts to find out what went wrong and then fix it. Sometimes the fix may be quite in depth and sometimes it could be relatively easy. From day one we work to fix your website so there is nothing haulting its rise in the SERPs.

In addition, we prepare a comprehensive SEO audit for your website which helps us draft a SEO roadmap. Our SEO services include but isn’t limited to:

  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Website optimisation 
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing

However, the first step is to contact our SEO specialist Melbourne for an SEO audit of where your website currently ranks and for us to determine what work needs to be done to get it ranked. 


A Proven Track Record of Success

Our SEO services Melbourne offer proven results. Dozens of our clients continue to rank and dominate their fields.Recieve a copy of our company overview to learn more about us, the digital marketing services we supply and more importantly how well can help grow your online presence!

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